Estrasol approved CMMI - SVC level 3

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At Estrasol Guadalajara, after a rigorous process of training, study and dedication from our team of Web Development, we are very happy and proud that finally we have been assessed and approved by CMMI - SVC level 3.


Almost more than four years ago we obtained CMMI Level 2 to services, which we use it as a working methodology for process improvement, quality measurement, monitoring and control in our strategies, better decision making, problem prevention, organizational training and mainly, always counting with a contingency plan. All this was in order to provide better services delivery at the end of each and every one of our products and services.


Now, Estrasol, to have CMMI level 3, we look towards the organization and activity, so the quality that we offered to our customers could be so much better, always focused on objectives and strategies that address the needs of those who trust us, to give us the opportunity to work in their developments.


One of the main objectives we have in Estrasol, is to know and maintain customer satisfaction, which will be verified by the quality department through surveys. Because it will also help us measure our services and implement actions to exceed the expectations of our clients.


The approved of CMMI - SVC Level 3 obtained through the partner Qualtop, SA de CV, is highly reliable and the prestige necessary to recognize companies that are prepared organizationally and provide quality service based on processes.


This is a goal that fills us with pride and motivation to continue to grow and provide a better service to satisfy the needs of our customers.

  • Our commitment is to provide true services in each of our projects. We are approved in CMMI level 3.

    ---------- We are also certified in the Mexican standard for software development, Moprosoft level 1. ----------

--------- Our clients range from small and medium-sized businesses to government agencies ---------
They have placed their trust in us

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August 7, 2014 | Kioscos