Erp: The ultimate solution to manage your company

Do you know exactly what operations are those that are consuming more resources in your company?

Having an own open source ERP, attracts a lot of advantages as opposed to a closed ERP. The advantages of having an open source ERP versus traditional ERP or owners at the time of the needs of SMEs, which the company has defined as "the dilemma of SMEs"

The mentality of acquiring business applications over sized believing thus ensuring competitive advantage going with the false myth "in the bigger, the better".

Then, these applications are designed primarily to large infrastructures and thus adoption involves significant expense. However, this model does not meet the desired main promise: to provide customers a comprehensive system that optimizes its local operations and show them unified information for strategic decision-making at all levels of the company.

For these dilemmas have identified five objectives that the open source ERP software effectively overcomes the owner at the time of the needs of SMEs:

Customizing the standard functionality or adaptability

The natural need of the company that has implemented an ERP, it is possible to get all the juice used in several branches and geographical areas. But each has its own requirements, forcing the company to create multiple instances of ERP, increasing infrastructure hardware, IT resources for the complexity of the structure and charge. The open source ERP can accommodate in a single instance areas and business units, each with its own characteristics and regulations, but at the same time providing a unified view of the global and local needs.

Real-time integration with SaaS applications

The environment of SMEs, SaaS (Software as a Service) is becoming the solution of document management, shipping, transport, or CRM, and all require a stable platform integration with ERP. But the owner ERP type usually lacks native support for Web services, but it is often the easiest way to integrate with SaaS applications. Instead, the native web systems open source ERP and use of standards, are able to perform a quick and easy integration into support systems as they evolve.

Easy access to unified information

ERP systems owners should be inherent in this situation, which is not, and stalling the needs of SMEs. If they have a single database, its usability leaves much to be desired, that the very complexity of the application, over sized, over fields and screens without the necessary flexibility to adapt to their own business processes. The worst IT investment would be an ERP system that helps users to streamline the daily operation and aid in decision making.

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August 7, 2014 | Kioscos