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Yellow Pages don’t work like they used to Attract more clients positioning your business in Google

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Are you looking for true control over your sales force and client base? Do you wish to improve the likelihood of closing a sale and achieve your business goals? Do you have the tools to measure your return on investment (ROI)?

Optimizing your corporate Website.

Online search engines are the primary means to search for information regarding vendors’ products and services. When doing a search for your product´s name or category, if your Company’s website is not among the first 20 search results, potential clients will likely not visit your website to purchase or make consultations regarding your products and services. With our Google positioning services, you will be able to appear among the first search results. This will allow potential clients looking for your product or service to visit your website. Keep in mind that there are thousands of users that look on a daily basis on search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the set of guidelines and techniques (primarily based on the Google algorithm) used to attract more traffic to a website, generating a high number of potential clients visiting a particular website. SEO differs from the Pay per Click (PPC) model as the strategic positioning in Google, is achieved with the improvement of your websites content, the structure of its source code, links to social media and relevant websites, browsing, among others.

This is why Estrasol has a team of experts in the fields of Web design and development, Communications, SEO consulting and online Marketing, to create a successful positioning strategy in Google and other search engines.

Why position your website?

  • Key words for your market

A proper Google positioning strategy involves viral keywords that can attract the required target market.

  • Noticeable presence in search engines

Your products will be in the TOP 20 Google search results.

  • Custom-built for your Company

Your Company should not adapt to a CRM. Estrasol CRM adapts to your own commercial processes.

  • Organic positioning without having to depend on PPC

Save large sums of money, avoiding the payment of sponsored links in Google Adwords, banners etc.

  • Social Media Integration

Social Plugin implementation on your website to achieve a more impactful presence in social media.

  • Persuasive text generation

We create strategic text and content for your website to generate new business opportunities.

Is your website not generating business opportunities due to the lack of constant Leads? When typing in your products or services in Google, is your Company among the first search results? Do you wish to drive more traffic to your website without being dependent on pay per click (PPC) or mass Email strategies?

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How does your Company benefit from a Google positioning service?

Let us take a TV ad as an example to better illustrate the benefits of Google positioning. The success of a TV ad is measured by how many people watch the ad and how many times it is viewed. A TV ad might have the best editing, directing, and content catering to a specific target market, but if it is not viewed, it is not an effective ad.

The same happens with your website. What a successful website really needs is to be viewed in order to generate business opportunities. There are several ways to generate traffic towards your site. Investing in publicity campaigns in media such as Television, Radio, Print, or even the Web, implies a heavy investment in order to reach a large audience. There is another way to massively promote your website without the burden of a heavy investment, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the optimization of your Website in order to place it within the first search results of the most popular search engines like Google or Yahoo!. This is done through the effective use of key words relevant to your business

This new promotional tool is being implemented among businesses around the world due to its great cost-benefit balance. Don’t let your competition pass you by. Take advantage of this great promotional tool in order to maximize the exposure of your website.

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